Roll Call for 24 Hour Comics Day Minneapolis

Here’s who’s in at this point (in the order they signed up, with an asterik next to those who are in for their second year)… we may end up with a few more stragglers…

Quillan Roe
*David Steinlicht
*Danno Ochsendorf
Nathan Lauster
Troy Cummings
David Wolter
Carl Nelson
*Sean Tenhoff
Tone Redmon
*Ken Avidor
Phil Redmon
Scott Williams
*Kevin Cannon
Zander Cannon
Tim Jennen
Dan Frye
Gail Catheryn
Andy Devore
*Adam Wirtzfeld
Shane Stevenson
*Steven Stwalley

That would be 21 noble fools. Three more and we have one for every hour.

Shad Petosky will also be returning in his role as intrepid reporter on the scene.

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