New animated video by cartoonist Maxeem

Hello Cartoonist Friends! In case I haven’t met you, I tend to try to jam at the Minneapolis event when I am in town. I now live in Sedona (where, of course, I must start some kind of cartoonist cel(l)!)

For those unaware, I’ve been spending 5 years building up a web comic with the help of many many (mostly audio) contributors. Now, at long last, it is my honor to present our latest culmination: a new video — just released today!

The fantasy story is now told in the following order …

Introduction Comic (18 pages – first published in 2014) :

Prelude (NEW animated movie) (Which takes place between chapters) (runtime: 16min 24sec)

Chapter 1 (61+ pages – ongoing publication – latest update today) :

Please enjoy, and if you like it, feel free to share.


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