Fishing for Caitlin

It was mentioned a few days ago that Xeric-winning cartoonist Caitlin Skaalrud finished her mini comic for submission (this Saturday! Still time….not much…but still time!)

Learn about the freshwater mermaids of the great lakes

She answered a few Lutefisk Sushi based questions a little while back to help any last minute’ers get inspired. Caitlin’s preferred cartoonist tools? “Copy paper. Lots of cheap copy paper. For inking, a couple of .03 Microns and two trusty Pentel Pocket brushes.”

her comic will end up being a great 24 pages long at King-Cat size (5.5″ by 8.5″)
and if any of you clicked on the link previously posted you would have seen how detailed each of those pages are going to be!
As far as advice? – “Don’t be afraid of making any mistakes. But fix them when
you figure it out. Draw first, edit second, and lay them out or hang them up when you’re flagging to see how far you’ve actually progressed before you succumb to the dangerous allure of Facebook or Tumblr.”

Take that social media! comics come first!!

See more of Caitlin’s work HERE

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