Will you answer my question?

Sure! Please check below and see if there is an answer to your question already here first, though. Email questions to lmcginty(at)alteredesthetics.org.

Do I have to be a Minnesota resident to participate in the Lutefisk Sushi project?

Only current or former residents of the state of Minnesota may participate in Lutefisk Sushi.

Does my comic have to fit a certain theme?

Your comic can be about anything! ANYTHING!
In the past, we’ve included comics about war, relationships, pepper spray, poultry, music, ennui, feng shui, and more. And we liked all of them.

Is there a page limit?

No. We ask that your comic be at least 2 pages in length (NO POSTCARDS, PLEASE) but there is no maximum page limit.

Can I work with my friend/cousin/partner/child/pet?

We welcome collaboration! However, since supplies are limited, participants working with a friend or a team to produce a mini-comic will receive one complimentary box to share.

Can I submit more than one comic?

Sure! You can submit more than one, if you are willing to print 160 copies of each comic.

But please note that, due to limited supplies, we can only give you one complimentary box, regardless of how many comics you submit.

How do you make a mini-comic?

If you’ve never made a mini-comic, check out this handy guide by the Cartoonist Conspiracy. The guide IS a mini-comic, ready for you to print, cut, fold and staple. Learn by doing!

Many other guides can be found online. We recommend these excellent blog posts by Zander Cannon (our featured artist!) and Kevin Cannon (Lutefisk Sushi C’s featured artist!)

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