Minicomics Dumptruck

MINICOMICS DUMPTRUCK seeks committed minicomics creators to join in the minicomics makin’ fun.

MINICOMICS DUMPTRUCK is a collective of cartoonists from around the country who join together via a podcast and their webpage to create and exchange minicomics in 4 month-long “rounds”.

The next round begins January 6th, 2009.

Here’s how the MINICOMIC DUMPTRUCK works:

1) Pre-register your name, email address, physical address (or PO Box), and a link to your website/blog with DUMPTRUCK poo-bah Kevin Cross at the MINICOMICS DUMPTRUCK forum.

2) During the live podcast on January 6th, 2009 at 9pm CST (7pm PST) they will pick some “items” which MUST be used SOMEWHERE in the course of the minicomic you are going to create. The items can be used as a central theme, a plot device, or even just a background gag. But the chosen items have to show up somewhere.

3) During the same podcast, a book LENGTH (generally 12 to 24 pages) will be assigned, as will a specific SIZE for your finished minicomic (in the first”round” they chose “quarter-size”-4.25″x5.5″–but this could and probably will change for round 2).

4) You then have 4 months to complete, print, and mail-off one copy of your minicomic to all the other “Truckers”. (All the other Truckers addresses will be emailed to you after the 6th.)

5) During the 4 month period, there will be a new podcast every two weeks or so where you are encouraged to call-in or participate via live chat on how your work is going, and to give thoughts and suggestions to your fellow Truckers (you will need to set up a Talkshow account to do this).
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 24924

6) You are also encouraged to post your work-in-progress and to particiapte in the DUMPTRUCK forum.

7) Again, please only sign-on if you are 100% committed to the project.

Anyway, the DUMPTRUCK sounds like lots o’ fun to me, and I can’t wait to get started!
Hope to see you all at the dump!

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