HOT INK: Comic Art in Minnesota reviewed

The Hot Ink: Comic Art in Minnesota show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art just got a great write up in The Star-Tribune (and Note that the article is 3 pages you have to click through to read.

From the article:

A populist complaint about the contemporary art scene is that artists today “can’t draw.” More to the point is that those who can draw have probably turned to cartooning. For anyone who appreciates great drawing, this show is a good place to find it.

You can check out some photos from the opening of the event here and here (thanks to Big Time Attic for pointing these photo galleries out… you can see a image of the print version of the article on their site)… please let us know if you see any more we can link to. Also, if someone could save a copy of the print version of the above article for me, I would much appreciate it!

Note also that if you haven’t seen the show, it apparently is going to be up until around March 2008… so you have some time.

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