24HCBD 2008 San Francisco October 18t to October 19th

Update: I got the info wrong, Doc is going to have a LIVE VIDEO FEED!

Hey all, 24 Hour Comic Book Day is just two days away and I know lots of us are getting ready for the big challenge. Here in San Francisco we will be at Comics Outpost from 11 am to 11 am this weekend and drawing up a storm (as well as ingesting caffeine a lot).

Doc Popular as set up a live VIDEO FEED for the event and it can be checked out at:

“…I’ll be attempting to livestream the entire event from here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/doctor-popular-does-stuff They will be able to watch and chat whenever someone is near the computator.”

The store will also will have an official blogger who will be posting on the official blog as well as the stores myspace page.

FAQ for 24 Hour Comic Book Day in San Francisco’s Comics Outpost.

Location: 2381 OCEAN AVE. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 94127 (415) 239-COMX (2669) – http://www.comicoutpost.net. Comics Outpost will remain open the whole time, so your friends can
come and visit at any point.

Reservations and Fees: Pre-register by emailing Doc Pop at ( yoyogenius at gmail dot com ), there will be a $5 to support the venue

Goal: To create a 24 Page Comic in 24 HOURS!

Set-up: Arrive by 10 am (or 10:30 at the latest) to set-up your work space and to Pow-Wow before we start our challenge

Times: Starts 11 am on Saturday October 18th and Ends at 11 am on Sunday October 19th

Location Resources: Comic Outpost will have free wi-fi and powerstrips. I HIGHLY recommend bringing your own desklamp, 24 hours of drawing in low lighting can really wear you down.


Bus: During the day the MUNI K line is the fastest with the only night service being the 91 Night Owl – visit 511.org to find out more
Bikes: can be locked up in the front of the store

Car Parking Behind the store

Dress: The weather has been lovely the last few days in San Francisco, but since we will be working for 24 hours  dress accordingly. The city always gets cold and you don’t want to freeze while you dash to 7-11 for a snack.

Materials: We won’t be able to provide any materials, but you can bring whatever
art supplies you want, as long as you can clean up after yourself when
your done.

Xerox/Copystore: Copy Edge – open 12-5 and there is a Fed-Ex Kinkos (more information coming)

Food: The store will be providing drinks, snacks and Pizza, but you should also bring your own food and drink of choice. There are places to buy food in the area, but most are not open 24 hour and might take time walking to them.

In Walking Distance:
7-11 – 4 blocks away
Right Aid – regular hours
Wallgreens – regular hours
24 Hour Pizza place
Stonestown Galleria – restaurants and such / http://www.stonestowngalleria.com / Monday – Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm – Sunday: 11:00am-7:00pm

History: a reminder of the Scott McCloud’s original 24 hour challenge you can find it here:http://www.scottmccloud.com/inventions/24hr/dare/dare.html

Tips: We also recommend checking out Kevin Cannon and Zander’s tips to making 24 hour comics!

– http://24-hourcomic.blogspot.com/2007/10/kevin-cannons-24-hour-comic-tips.html


About Brian Kolm

Brian Kolm is a Artist and Instructor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work can be seen at http://www.atomicbearpress.com.

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