Cartoonist Needed for Advertising Campaign (Red Wing, MN)

Another opportunity for someone that was forwarded to me… here are the details:

Reply to: jbecker at

I need a cartoonist to help create a 4 panel cartoon for an advertising campaign. This will be done in the high drama fashion and style of either Mary Worth or Judge Parker (or as I like to call them ‘cartoon strips that take themselves too seriously’).

This shouldn’t be too complicated and could have some terrific long term exposure value (street cred), for whatever that is worth. At the bare minimum, it is a $200 gig (exactly what Jim Rockford charges per day, plus expenses).

So, if you know these strips:
Judge Parker
Apartment 3-G
Steve Canyon
The Heart of Juliet Jones

Then we are on the same frequency.

4 thoughts on “Cartoonist Needed for Advertising Campaign (Red Wing, MN)

  1. Hello, i’m an advertising illustrator, so i’m used to do all sorts of styles.
    If you want to see more things i’ve done.
    Don’t hesitate.


  2. Hi all,

    You’ll want to contact the email address above about this gig… where it says reply to, just replace the at with a @ and email that address.

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