Mini-Comics Class Teaching Opportunity

Here’s another opportunity for someone to run a mini-comics class (read details below). Note that we have a “text book” for this sort of thing you can use that can be found here:

Li’l Library Volume One: How to Make Mini-Comics

Here’s the info:

I was referred to you from another librarian who said you could help me plan an event. I co-facilitate a Teen Bookclub where we read manga and graphic novels. All of the teens involved are also budding cartoonists, and I thought it would be fun to host an event where they learn how to self-publish their graphic stories. i have a small budget to compensate a presenters’ time and buy some supplies for a hands-on workshop, $200 or $300 total. Is this the sort of thing you do, or do you know someone in the Twin Cities that does? I am hoping to act quickly on this. We need to submit all our events for Fall by July 1st.

Thanks for whatever help you can give!

Lisa M. Stuart

Roosevelt Community Library

Hennepin County Library

email: lmstuart at

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