Do NOT seek the (National) TREASURE!!!

do NOT seek the (national) TREASURE!!!

I was “lucky” enough to see a free premiere screening of possibly the worst film of all time last night—NATIONAL TREASURE 2: THE BOOK OF SECRETS.
Sure, the first NT was a lame-brained peice of doo, but at least it was mind-numbingly entertaining.
EPISODE 2, however, was just…well…imagine having shite shot in your face by a high-powered hose for 2 hours.
It was like that.
OH! And I refer to is episode 2 since, YES!!!, they set it up for a TRILOGY.
God willing, part 3 will never happen.
But I think God may be dead–its the only explaination for this film.
Tell EVERYONE you know NOT to see this movie.
NOT on DVD!!
NOT for free on TNT in a year and a half!!!
Thank you all.

3 thoughts on “Do NOT seek the (National) TREASURE!!!

  1. Quicke-review:


    SO good and engaging that by the end I was crying and wanted to throw up at the same time.
    …but in the GOOD way.
    Easily the BEST film of the year.

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