WANTED: Featured Artist for 2013 Comic Art Show

Next year’s comic art show at Ae will be the big music project. (Comics Fuckin’ Rock? Big Funky? Just Add Instruments?) The show is slated for November 2013. I know it sounds like it’s a long way off, BUT we need to vote on a featured artist ASAP!


Nominations will be open until August 24. Eligibility: Any Minnesota cartoonist who has not already been the featured artist of one of our comic art shows. To nominate a cartoonist, please send the following info to lmcginty(at)alteredesthetics.org:

– The artist’s name
– The artist’s website
– The artist’s email (so I can ask them if they want to run)

If an artist does not wish to be nominated, or does not respond before August 24, they will not be listed as a nominee.


August 24: Nominations close
August 25: Voting begins
August 31: Voting closes at midnight
September 1: Winner will be announced


As in past years, voting will take place on www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/conspire. Voters must register on the Cartoonist Conspiracy website (it’s free). Voters may vote only once.

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