Vote to Determine the Topic of the 2013 Comic Art Show at AE

Here are the proposed possible topics for the 2013 Comic Art show to be held at Altered Esthetics gallery in Minneapolis (based on verbal discussions and the online discussion here). (AE is hosting our Lutefisk Sushi Volume E show this November)

The option with the most votes will be the basis of next year’s project.

Please only vote if you intend to participate in the project. Note that you do NOT have to be a resident of Minnesota to participate in the 2013 project.

Here are the proposed topics:

Comic Music Project: cartoons about or inspired by music, packaged with record or cd

Poster Art Project: posters of huge cartoon canvasses

Public Domain Anthology: cartoon reinterpretations of public domain works (like Grimm fairy tales for example)

Moving Parts Show: Comics with a moving element (like pop-up mechanisms, for example)

Punchline: Anthology of comics about death

Mystery Box: Mysterious limited edition box full of mysterious comics and art.

Voting ends sometime on August 10th. Sometime shortly after that we will be taking nominations and voting on a featured artist for the show.


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