SPROUTS Preview: “Meat”

A page of “Meat” by Elizebeth Neronski, from the new food-themed anthology Sprouts by the Trees & Hills Comics Group:

"Meat" page 1 by Elizabeth Neronski

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Transcript of comic:

Pez the cat: “Hey! Hey! You! Hey! You! Hey! Hey! You!” [claws Beth the human’s leg] “Pay attentiooon to meeeeee!”

Beth the human: “OUCH Pez! What?”

Pez: [purring & rubbing against Beth’s leg] “I love you. Give me bacon.”

Beth: [stir-frying vegetables] “I’m a vegetarian now.”

Pez: “Sooo.”

Beth: “Well, that means I don’t eat meat.”

Pez: “Is bacon meat?”

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