SPROUTS Preview: “The World Seed Situation”

A page of “The World Seed Situation” by Bill Tulp, from the new food-themed anthology Sprouts by the Trees & Hills Comics Group:

"The World Seed Situation" page 1 by Bill Tulp

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Transcript of comic:

“How do folks. My name’s Rudy & I’m a bitterroot rutabaga. My family’s been round these here parts well nigh 60 years. But now there’s only a few of us left, livin’ in Mrs. McGruder’s back yard. People stopped plantin’ us old heirloom varieties & we’re bein’ replaced by hybrids.

“Now, how did we get in this here sit-u-ation? Well, it all started a long time back. The glaciers were recedin’ along the equator & ancestors of mine started growin’ in what’s now the Mediterranean. We weren’t full-blown rutabagas yit, but we were evolvin’ that-a-way!”

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