Thursday’s meeting at Diamonds is a PERFECT opportunity to bring your submissions for the ERIC LAPPEGARD tribute book in for KEVIN at BIG TIME ATTIC to scan them.
I, DANNO, will then take them and prepare them for hanging at ALTERED ESTHETICS gallery next month, but you can help me out in one very EASY way:
Please, if possible, bring a FRAME along to display your art in when you drop off your originals at Big Time Attic.
If you can’t provide a frame, I’ll get one for you,but it’s VERY INEXPENSIVE to pick up a frame at a THRIFT STORE or a GOODWILL(thats where I get mine).
Also, I’ll be painting all the frames BLACK, so even if you find an old frame that fits your art at a thrift store that’s an awful color, I’ll be making it real pretty-like for public display.
Otherwise, the deadline is August 15th.
Thanks for being a part of this. Eric’s parentsgreatly appreciate everything we’re doing.
staplegenius at

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