Please Help us Gather Photos of and Art by Eric

We are collecting any artwork we can find of Eric’s for inclusion in the upcoming anthology, and to house on his website. If you have any of his artwork and can scan it or loan it to us to scan, it would be much appreciated. Please send it to steven at, or contact me there to arrange something else. Thanks much.

We are also collecting photos of Eric. Please read the below for that.


I’m a (biking) friend of Eric’s, and you and I have never met. But we’re compiling photographs of Eric doing things that he loved as a gift for his parents…to give them something to look back on their son being with his friends, happy.

If you could, in any way, send out a call to his Cartoonist Conspiracy friends for photos of Eric, it would be greatly appreciated. I just don’t know anyone he drew with, or knew through his art.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope you are doing about as well as the rest of us.


mplsminx at

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