The Data Red Comics Update

Hey All! I just thought I would drop a note and say that I’m off to 2011 San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks. This will be my third time there. I’ll make MPLS proud.

In addition, I’ve got a Twitter account @dataredcomics. I’ll be tweeting all the crazy as it happens. I hope to meet Bruce Campbell, chainsaws up!

In other news, I’ve signed a digital distribution deal with iVerse comics+. I should have my first few books up soon. We’ll see where it goes.


Justin “Spanky” Cermak

About Spanky Cermak

A.k.a. Justin "Spanky" Cermak. Born in Minneapolis, MN. Graduated Minneapolis College of Art and Design '00. Lived in Minneapolis +10 years. Currently writing and drawing Dynamite Pilot and Space Sheriff comics(+).

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