JUST ADD INK Preliminary Meeting this Tuesday at Psycho Suzi’s 9:00PM

We are having a preliminary meeting for our upcoming cartoonist cookbook show, Just Add Ink, this Tuesday at Psycho Suzi’s at 9PM, where we will start to get our plan together. If you want to get involved in organizing the show, I encourage you to show up. Sorry for the short notice, I meant to get this information posted sooner. If you want to participate in organizing the show and can’t show up Tuesday, please let me know so we can get you on our planning email list (email me at webmaster(at)cartoonistconspiracy.com).

Don’t worry, participation in the show will be open to anyone who wants to participate… so please do not show up if you want to participate in the show, but have no interest in helping put it together.

One thought on “JUST ADD INK Preliminary Meeting this Tuesday at Psycho Suzi’s 9:00PM

  1. Hi folks,

    In case your curious the basic agenda is as follows:

    I. Review general show concept
    Just Add Ink! Comic Cookbook

    II. Discuss grant
    I applied to MRAC for funding to potentially help with outreach and printing. We won’t know about this component until April, but I’ll be giving the group the skinny on the basics.

    III. Create rough timeline.
    I’ll review the major show-related dates, submission deadline, etc.

    IV. Roles
    We are like a well oiled machine! We’ll review the roles we’ve established – edit the current ones and add new ones as needed. (If needed).

    We usually stay after the meetings are over to chat. Sometimes we talk about bugs and other gross topics. 🙂 Order appetizers at your own risk.

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