Date Set For 24 Hour Comics Day This Year

As most of you already know, the date for 24 Hour Comics Day changes from year to year. This year it will be October 20th. Read more on the 24 Hour Comics Day Blog.

I picked this date after consulting with the hosts of the 2006 events. While there is certainly nothing they all agreed on, they were generally happier with a fall date for the event, and generally happy with this particular date.

The next step is to start signing up hosts. We’ve already started to hear from people who wanted to host events in countries that have not had events in the past, so there’s a very good chance that this year will once again be bigger. However, we resisted officially taking any sign-ups before now. We’re ready — go to to see what hosts are required to agree to, and fill out the form there if you agree to it all (there’s an email address there if you have relevant questions.)

The step after this will be to try to organize some of those hosts into also taking care of some of the behind-the-scenes aspect of running this event. I think there’s a lot of growth left in this thing, but we’re reaching the limits of my competencies in a lot of aspects. And besides, I’d really like to participate in the Day, if not this year then in 2008.

Anyway, set Saturday, October 20, 2007 aside on your calendar. You won’t get much sleep, but you’ll get a lot done.

One thought on “Date Set For 24 Hour Comics Day This Year

  1. Darn, another october date.

    I know the cartoonists that are in college here (about %75 of our group) can’t do anything extravagant this time of year.

    So we’ll probably do our our 24 Hour jam in the summer again.

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