Results of the last CCSF Comic Jam of the Year 2009

Art Trade art from the CCSF

On Dec 10, 2009 we the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco held our last Comic Book Jam of the year. It’s been an interesting and exciting year for our group with an expanded 24 Hour Comic Book Day event arranged by Doc Pop and group collaborations that took us outside of our regular bi-monthly Thursday Night meeting times. Many members of the group have also been expanding there work into new areas including video games and art prints.

For this last comic jam we had our second annual Cheap Ass White Elephant Gift Exchange with all sorts of cool surprises. The group also was inspired by artist Rick Lucy to do an art trade. Each drawing is on a small sheet of drawing paper and were handed out randomly once a mass of them were created. We then started traded them and created additional new ones too. It was a huge success.

To see the results of our Art Trade, visit out BLOG.

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