Faust Comics

Ryan Hill, the Artistic Director of Sandbox Theatre in Minneapolis, sent the following information to share…

I collaborated with four artists to create original pieces of art inspired by short stories based on the Faust legends. These ‘graphic novellas’ are being released in the weeks leading up to the opening of our new play .faust opening on November 6 at the Red Eye Theatre.

Joel Vollmer created a piece called “The Summoning” that tells the story of Faust summoning Mephistopheles from the forest floor.

Jessica Boire made a comic called “The Learned Gentlemen” where a female Faust teaches three Masters a lesson when confronted about her new-found power.

Max Lohrbach painted dreamlike images for “Faust in Hell” accompanied by the story text.

Andres Guzman took a different approach for “Mephistopheles” and created a single image showing the classic Faustian demon.

“The Summoning” will be viewable on our website – sandboxtheatreonline.com – this week with the others coming after that.

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