SFCC – collaborations: arm wrestling, dancing and more!

CCSF San Francisco comic jams

Last Thursdays meeting of the Cartoonist Conspircy in San Francisco was a new challenge for us. Following the lead of member Miromi, we did some arm wrestling and dancing. Well our drawings did that is.

Miromi writes:

Here are arm wrestling experiments that mutated into singing and dancing adventures from the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco jams as well as the Rock Paper Scissors Zine Workshops. The activity of making comics is a loner’s world, and collaborations don’t occur so often. It’s a joy to be able to jam with other artists when the opportunity arises much the same way musicians jam…

Miromi provided us with Xeroxed simple backgrounds with lots of blank space that two to three people would add characters too. So one person would draw their character and then pass the drawing to someone else to add another character. Through back and forth working scenes and stories formed that were really fun. The process resembled classic 2D animation key-frames in many ways. To the inspiration from France: http://www.succursale.org/championnat/

You can see our work as a slideshow on Flickr with a zine hopfully coming soon. There is also a link to a jam at the Rock paper Sissors coop as well.

It’s best to watch these as a slideshow, although flickr has some fine thumbnailng on the set as well.

About Brian Kolm

Brian Kolm is a Artist and Instructor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work can be seen at http://www.atomicbearpress.com.

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