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Chapter One of Kevin Cannon’s 288 Hour Comic

My friend, madman Kevin Cannon, accepted the 288 Hour Comic Challenge. He is drawing a 288 Hour graphic novel in 12 24 Hour chunks over the next year or so. He completed the first chunk the other weekend… it features Kevin’s enigmatic action anti-hero (who some of you may have already met) Armitage Shanks, Arctic Pirate. As with all of Kevin’s work, it is quite wonderful. Read it here:

Make sure to leave some encouraging words for his mad venture on the blog there.

Here are Kevin’s previous 24 Hour comics he produced at the three Minneapolis 24 Hour events we’ve had so far:

2004: The Next 24 Hours
2005: Armitage Shanks: Arctic Pirate
2006: A General Theory of Love

LMNTAL by the San Francisco Cell

A new comic ebook is now on-line from the artist of the Cartoonist Conspiracy Cell of San Francisco, CA. It features a unique challenge where the participants strove to avoid words and to draw natural disasters. You can find the 8 page e-book(pdf) in the gallery section of this site. We would love to know what you think, please tell us your comments, kudos, critiques, etc. by leaving comments on this post or visit our thread on the message board.

The artist who participated are:

Page 1: (cover) Doc Popular, Jeff Plotkin, Brian Kolm

page 2: Jeff Plotkin – URL:

Page 3: Brian Kolm – URL:

Page 4: Jeffrey Mulletti

Page 5: Doc Popular – url:

Page 6: Meredith Scheff – URL

Page 7: Mike Hale – URL

Page 8: Brian Kolm – URL:

826 Valencia Volunteering Opps

I’ve talked to a lot of Bay Area cartoonists about volunteering at 826 Valencia as a field trip artist and a lot of people have asked me what to expect. I posted the most recent book that I helped create and a little breakdown of what the process is like on my blog, so if you’ve wondered what to expect if you volunteer for a field trip read this entry. It’s super fun and at the end of each session all the kids and volunteers get a bound copy of the book the story they just created.

There are always volunteering spots open for field trips, so if you are interested let Jory at 826 know. I’ve posted his most recent list of field trip dates in our San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy forum.

24 Hr. Comics in San Francisco

Our first 24 hr. comic from Conspiritor Jeff Plotkin in now online. Jeff has posted a journal about his experience as well as the pages of his comic.

It was held at my old school, the California College of Art. So I went down. There were just five of us there: me, Meredith, Mike, Jeffrey M. and Carmen. I knew everyone except Carmen. The turnout was small, probably because there were no SF Bay Area locations listed for the nationwide event. Some of my buddies in the Cartoonist Conspiracy had their own, unofficial 24-Hour Comics Day, and Scott McCloud was probably miffed about it.

To read the whole report on Deviant Art — LINK

And to read Jeff’s comic visit HERE! The comic features a cameo from Cartoonist Doc Popular! CLICK the link under each page to see the read the next one.

We will link to more 24 hr comics when they become avalible.

Rejected in San Francisco, CA

The cartoon art museum has a new exhibit, The Rejection Collection: Not in The New Yorker cartoons. There will be an opening next Monday night, October 16th from 7pm to 9pm. The special Guests: Gahan Wilson and Mike Twohy!!

The show is free to the general public, but the museum is also looking for volunteers to help with the event. To volunteer, give them a call at 415-CAR-TOON.

Besides checking out the new show, the exhibit of children’s book illustrations as well as kid’s art from 826 Valencia…a large part of the Permanent Collection has been updated to include ALL NEW WORK!

Be there or be Square.

To find out more, visit: (note: the info on the new exhbit is going up soon, so if you don’t see anything give them a call at the number above)

Madhappy’s birthday party

First off, congrats to all the cartoonists that made it out to our 24 Hour Comics event in SF last weekend. A big shout out to Jeff Plotkin and Carmen for completing the full 24 pages. Can’t wait to see all the books.

Nate from Madhappy’s sent out this email about the local publication’s 1 year party:

Madhappys Birthday party!! Oct. 21st!!!
110 Capp St.
(16th & Capp)
5th floor
(dial 5-0-0)
–> 415 55-ARTSF
($5-15 donation requested)

Live music! DJs! Art!

some of you we haven’t seen in awhile, but since you’ve been contributors to the magazine in the past, we’d like to encourage you to submit a piece for this show. We’ll be hanging work in the evenings the tuesday & wednesday before the show, work will be up for around two weeks… but whatever you do, you should attend the party!

madhappys is a unique creature in the publishing/comix/visual art world, and we’d like to think of it like a tortoise living to one hundred. thanks for being part of it, we’d love to have you continue! Come on down and meet your fellow collaborators!

¡¡coffee! and ¡exclamation points!! do not mix! ask me if you have any questions….



More Cartooning Events this Weekend in Minneapolis

The following info was posted on the message board by conspirator Cedric Hosnstadt, who is also a member of the National Cartoonists Society… the NCS has a bunch of cool events going on this weekend with the crew they have in town for Fallcon. Here is the info from Cedric:

I know this is short notice, but the North Central Chapter of the National Cartooists Society is having their annual chapter meeting this weekend in Minneapolis to correspond with FallCon. Some well-known members include Bill Amend (Foxtrot), Michael Jantze (The Norm), Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine), and Jerry Van Amerongen (Ballard Street).

Here’s some free events open to the public:

1. Friday October 6, 6-8pm there will be a “meet the cartoonists” gallery opening at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The exhibit, called “eyeToons” features over 80 cartoons and illustrations from members of our chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. More info here.

2. Saturday Oct 7, 1:00pm – Panel discussion at FallCon entitled “Ask the Cartoonists!”. Discussion will focus on the future of cartooning, impact of the internet, breaking into cartooning, working with publishers and syndicates, and Q&A from the audience. Panelists are Michael Jantze, Tom Richmond, Jerry Van Amerongen, and me (Cedric Hohnstadt).

3. Saturday Oct 7, 7:30pm – MCAD Auditorium – Slideshow presentations by artists Michael Jantze, Tom Richmond, and Jerry Van Amerongen. I’ve seen Tom’s part of the presentation before. He talks about his experiences as a parody artist for Mad Magazine and it’s a great presentation.

Finally, I will have a table at FallCon. Stop by and say, “hi”.

Again, this is all free! Hope to see some of you there.

Make sure to let them know the Cartoonist Conspiracy sent you!


FALLCON IS HERE! Fallcon is the most creator-friendly convention in the country… they generously offer free table space to all cartoonists, amateur or professional, and they put on a fun show. Check out the enormous guest list for this year… it should be quite an event. Even if you’re not going as a guest, I imagine you’ll want to check it out anyhow… don’t miss checking out the art in the display cases, which is always extremely cool.

Here is the form to send to be a guest, assuming you are not already too late, which is most likely the case.

Send it to:
Midwest Comic Book Association
P.O. Box 131475
St. Paul, MN 55113

Make sure to note somewhere if you want to sit in the same area as the Conspiracy. We are taking names for volunteers to man our table at the convention, so let me know if you’re interested by replying to this email.


This isn’t comics or cartooning related, but writer/philosopher Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of The Illuminatus Trilogy and author of numerous other fine books, is very ill from post-polio syndrome and is in need of financial aid as he can not currently support himself and needs 24 hour healthcare. More info can be found here, here and here. Fortunately, some people have organized a fund to help Wilson… two days ago he couldn’t pay his rent, and now things are looking better.

You can donate to him via “send money” on paypal to his email account.

Wilson is my favorite author and has been a huge influence on me… indeed, there probably would not be a Cartoonist Conspiracy if I had never read Wilson. If you haven’t read any of his books I can’t recommend them highly enough. You can order his books here.