24 Hr. Comics in San Francisco

Our first 24 hr. comic from Conspiritor Jeff Plotkin in now online. Jeff has posted a journal about his experience as well as the pages of his comic.

It was held at my old school, the California College of Art. So I went down. There were just five of us there: me, Meredith, Mike, Jeffrey M. and Carmen. I knew everyone except Carmen. The turnout was small, probably because there were no SF Bay Area locations listed for the nationwide event. Some of my buddies in the Cartoonist Conspiracy had their own, unofficial 24-Hour Comics Day, and Scott McCloud was probably miffed about it.

To read the whole report on Deviant Art — LINK

And to read Jeff’s comic visit HERE! The comic features a cameo from Cartoonist Doc Popular! CLICK the link under each page to see the read the next one.

We will link to more 24 hr comics when they become avalible.

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  1. Doc Pop October 16th, 2006 5:07 pm

    I loved it. Especially since I couldn’t actually attend the event, this makes me feel as though I was still there.

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