Madhappy’s birthday party

First off, congrats to all the cartoonists that made it out to our 24 Hour Comics event in SF last weekend. A big shout out to Jeff Plotkin and Carmen for completing the full 24 pages. Can’t wait to see all the books.

Nate from Madhappy’s sent out this email about the local publication’s 1 year party:

Madhappys Birthday party!! Oct. 21st!!!
110 Capp St.
(16th & Capp)
5th floor
(dial 5-0-0)
–> 415 55-ARTSF
($5-15 donation requested)

Live music! DJs! Art!

some of you we haven’t seen in awhile, but since you’ve been contributors to the magazine in the past, we’d like to encourage you to submit a piece for this show. We’ll be hanging work in the evenings the tuesday & wednesday before the show, work will be up for around two weeks… but whatever you do, you should attend the party!

madhappys is a unique creature in the publishing/comix/visual art world, and we’d like to think of it like a tortoise living to one hundred. thanks for being part of it, we’d love to have you continue! Come on down and meet your fellow collaborators!

¡¡coffee! and ¡exclamation points!! do not mix! ask me if you have any questions….



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