LMNTAL by the San Francisco Cell

A new comic ebook is now on-line from the artist of the Cartoonist Conspiracy Cell of San Francisco, CA. It features a unique challenge where the participants strove to avoid words and to draw natural disasters. You can find the 8 page e-book(pdf) in the gallery section of this site. We would love to know what you think, please tell us your comments, kudos, critiques, etc. by leaving comments on this post or visit our thread on the message board.

The artist who participated are:

Page 1: (cover) Doc Popular, Jeff Plotkin, Brian Kolm

page 2: Jeff Plotkin – URL: geocities.com/happyfreakshow/

Page 3: Brian Kolm – URL: AtomicBearPress.com

Page 4: Jeffrey Mulletti

Page 5: Doc Popular – url: DoctorPopular.com

Page 6: Meredith Scheff – URL LadyCartoonist.com/

Page 7: Mike Hale – URL wobblyart.com

Page 8: Brian Kolm – URL: AtomicBearPress.com

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