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To summarize: The Pentel Pocket Brush pen is one of the greatest sketching tools that has been discovered. Sadly, this pen is scarce in North America, and those lucky enough to have found it are revered as holy men. The Canadian art store “Curry’s” no longer ships to the U.S., and although Island Blue and John Neal Books both do, they can take a while to ship.

Now, I say to you this: I have received some of these very pens from the isles of Japan, thanks to a deep cover conspirator holed up there. Should any in the Minneapolis cell wish to buy them this Sunday or thereafter, the only payment this loyal agent requires is comic books. Please bring $15 worth of comics (throw in your own as well, if you could) that can be sent to our Japanese friend, and the pen is all yours.

The pen comes with two cartridges, so depending on how much you draw, you may have to order more of them from Island Blue pretty soon (approx. $5 US). I do not recommend filling a cartridge with fountain pen ink. Although this worked fairly well for me for a couple weeks, it soon gunked up the whole pen and I was only able to salvage it by submerging it in Windex for two days.

Caveat Emptor: The cartridge ink is thin, not entirely waterproof, smudges horribly on Bristol, and bleeds on some other papers. It is, however, unbelievably awesome on ordinary Bond paper, and is a great tool for sketching in thick, beautiful black lines.

See you Sunday!


I’ve updated the Minneapolis 24 Hour Comics Day website with Zander’s poster and some additional info:

Also, I’ve posted info to the blog on the national site.

24 Hour Comics Day is coming up fast… we’ll be discussing it in a bit more detail at the Sunday Funnies meeting this weekend. If you want to volunteer to help, come on over to Grumpy’s… and if you know anyone who wants to volunteer, tell them to come (or contact me).

If you want to hang posters to promote the event, please do so! You can either arrange to get some from me, or, better yet, you can print them up yourself using the downloadable poster here.

If you aren’t a Minneapolis conspirator, check here to find a location near you.

Spot On Show

Went to the opening of the Spot On: The Art of Zines and Graphic Novels show in Minneapolis last night, and it is quite spectacular. While it showcases the work of local cartoonists, it also highlights the work of cartoonists from around the world. Being Book Arts, as much of the emphasis is on the presentation of the comics and Zines in the show as it is on the contents of the publications. They had a huge turnout last night, especially considering almost all of the area parking was taken up by Minnesota Twins fans going to the game. If you missed it last night, there is no need to cry since it will be up until June, so you still have plenty of time to catch it. Thanks much to Jeff Rathermel at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for including so many of us in the show (and thanks to conspirator Chris Coffey for helping Jeff set up the wonderful presentation of all the works).

Speaking to Jeff last night, I also got confirmation that we will be able to use the space at Book Arts for the full 24 hours of 24 Hour Comic Day, which is wonderful. We were wondering a bit what we were going to do with all the elbows in the wee hours of the morning, and this has solved the problem… Book Arts will provide us with an ideal space to work in and have a little space to spead out a bit. At this point we have 20 artists signed on to participate in our Minneapolis 24 Hour Comic event… more information about this will be coming soon. To read more about it now, go here.

Also, I should note that we NEED VOLUNTEERS to help with this event. If you are not participating and can help out, or if you know some people that would be interested in helping out, please let us know.

Some great ancient comics online

Just ran across this website of a comics scholar who has posted a bunch of cool old comics and other illustrations…

Tons of great obscure stuff… check out this advertisement by Winsor McCay… and “The Virtuoso”… and a bunch of great Barney Google and Happy Hooligan strips… and a nightmareso much cool stuff.

As you can see from this image, Ken Avidor has been drawing cartoons for an awfully long time.

Go here and here to see more.