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Need a Script for your Lutefisk Sushi Minicomic?

Lutefisk Sushi D is coming up fast, and many of you are no doubt racking your brains for an idea.  Check this out: local writer Jack Phinney (writer of F*** You Paris, Love Wagner, which appeared on the Big Time Attic Blog) has written an 8-page script just for this occasion.  He has declared that he will pay the printing and do the collating; it merely falls to you to draw the thing.

Give it a read, then if you’re interested, contact Jack at jack dot phinney at gmail dot com.


Big Minneapolis Project at the Jam this Thursday!

This Thursday, April 2, in addition to the Jam, there will be a project for which I humbly request your talents.  I have been teaching a class at the Loft Literary Center about writing for comics and graphic novels, and by Thursday,  I will have in hand seventeen one-page scripts written by class members.  These class members are being treated to the undeniable thrill of seeing how their scripts will be interpreted by artists.  Those artists are YOU.   I’m hoping that we will have all of the scripts drawn over the course of the evening, one artist per script (no jams please, unless it is penciler/inker teams), and provide rich fodder for next week’s class discussion.  

Please contribute to this project; the students in the class (all experienced writers in other media) are excited to see what their words look like when made into pictures.  

I will be there early on to explain, then I’ll be back later in the evening to reconvene.  Kevin will answer questions during the main time period.  Thanks, and I hope everyone enjoys it!



To summarize: The Pentel Pocket Brush pen is one of the greatest sketching tools that has been discovered. Sadly, this pen is scarce in North America, and those lucky enough to have found it are revered as holy men. The Canadian art store “Curry’s” no longer ships to the U.S., and although Island Blue and John Neal Books both do, they can take a while to ship.

Now, I say to you this: I have received some of these very pens from the isles of Japan, thanks to a deep cover conspirator holed up there. Should any in the Minneapolis cell wish to buy them this Sunday or thereafter, the only payment this loyal agent requires is comic books. Please bring $15 worth of comics (throw in your own as well, if you could) that can be sent to our Japanese friend, and the pen is all yours.

The pen comes with two cartridges, so depending on how much you draw, you may have to order more of them from Island Blue pretty soon (approx. $5 US). I do not recommend filling a cartridge with fountain pen ink. Although this worked fairly well for me for a couple weeks, it soon gunked up the whole pen and I was only able to salvage it by submerging it in Windex for two days.

Caveat Emptor: The cartridge ink is thin, not entirely waterproof, smudges horribly on Bristol, and bleeds on some other papers. It is, however, unbelievably awesome on ordinary Bond paper, and is a great tool for sketching in thick, beautiful black lines.

See you Sunday!