List of Participating Cartoonists

The boxes are collated and ready. Here’s a complete list of the cartoonists in Lutefisk Sushi E:

Aaron Poliwoda
Allison O’Brien
Britt Hammerberg
Caitlin Skaalrud
Carlos Merino
Christopher Carver
Dan Murphy
Daniel Olson
David Sandberg
David Steinlicht
Eric Schuster
Heather Williams
Ian M. Petrie
Jacklyn Hedlund
Jajeev Nithiananda
James Powell
Jay Rasgorshek
John Akre
JP Pollard
Kevin Cannon
Lahli Trevis
Latham Luepke
Lonny Unitus
Lucas C. Rasmussen
Marissa Luna
Mary Sandberg
Matt Reints
Matthew McMillan & Lindsay Krempely
Maxeem Konrardy
Maxwell James Singletary
Mike Toft
Nate Patrin
Rachel Hansen
Ryan Dow
Steven Stwalley
Todd Balthazor
Zander Cannon


  1. Matthew McMillan says:

    I would just like to kindly note that the second (concept) name credit for “Hide and Sheik” is spelled “Lindsay Krempely” rather than “Kremochy” though this is likely due to my spotty handwriting. I’d rather she not bludgeon me with a heavy object (i.e. a brick) over a trivial misspelling. 😛

    | Reply Posted October 26, 2012, 11:48 pm
    • Lupi McGinty says:

      Thanks for the note! I’ve updated the post with the correct spelling.

      | Reply Posted October 31, 2012, 6:36 pm

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