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City Pages Comix Issue :: NEW DEADLINE!

Hi Everybody,

I have some news!  The submission deadline for the 2010 City Pages Comix Issue is now much closer than before!  The publication date has bumped up, and so has your submission deadline.

Monday, August 2nd — submissions are due
Wednesday, August 11th — Comix Issue will hit newsstands

I apologize for the abrupt change of plans.  I hope most of you can rearrange your schedules accordingly and still submit something on time.  We’d like to see Minnesota well-represented in the print and web editions!

For specific submission criteria, please refer to the website: mplsindiexpo.com/city-pages-comix-issue
Write me with any questions: sarah@mplsindiexpo.com

Sarah M.

City Pages Annual Comix Issue: CALL FOR ENTRIES!

From the Big Time Attic blog:

It’s that time of year again: City Pages is gearing up for its third annual City Pages Comix Issue and is looking for submissions. City Pages has a readership of over 50,000 discerning eyes, and is thus a great showcase for any cartoonist. And even if your cartoon isn’t picked for the print edition, it will be published online. Don’t forget, last year the Comix Issue won a prestigious AltWeekly Award!

Please read all of following information very carefully (a few things have changed since last year):

From Nick Vlcek, City Pages Art Editor:

This year’s theme: “MINNESOTA NICE”

Deadline is Wednesday, August 5th. That’s when we’ll close the space and figure out what we have to run. If there’s any changes that need to be made or if a work is not finished, we have one more week, but we’re not any more slots past the 5th.

What we learned from last time:

There is a finite amount of space for the print edition. DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU WERE PASSED OVER BECAUSE YOUR STUFF DIDN’T MAKE IT IN TO PRINT. We’ll put everything we get up online.

Regarding above, everyone should work in a horizontal, quarter page size:

9.75″ wide by 2.5″ tall

[ Click to download a Photoshop template ]

If you want/need to do something larger, contact me first, otherwise don’t necessarily expect it will run in print! (half page is 9.75″ wide by 5.4″ tall; full page is 9.75″ wide by 11.25″ tall).

Black and white JPEGS, 300dpi actual size, or larger (fit to scale).

All email should be addressed to:

nvlcek [at] citypages.com

Subject should read: CP Comics Issue

Every email needs to have the title of the piece and the credit (how you’d like your name to appear in print). We will also need a W-9 (click to download) filled out and attached to the email with your real name and address if you want to be paid. Those who sent in a W-9 last year and got paid will not have to send one if their address hasn’t changed.

Payments are $25 to all, another $25 if your panel makes it into print. That is the same rate no matter what size it ends up being.

Thanks for all!