Is Your Country a Banana Republic? Talk by Kirk Anderson Saturday, January 31st in Minneapolis

Kirk Anderson has another presentation coming up Saturday, January 31st…

Saturday, Jan. 31, 10:00 am
Book talk and cartoon presentation
“Is Your Country a Banana Republic?”
Banana Republic: Adventures in Amnesia, by Kirk Anderson
St. Martin’s Table
2001 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis

“Is Your Country a Banana Republic?”: Local author and political cartoonist Kirk Anderson will show cartoons from his latest book, BANANA REPUBLIC: Adventures in Amnesia, discuss its timely themes and sign and illustrate books. With America’s funny little banana republic quirks like torture, rendition, surveillance, secret evidence, indefinite imprisonment without charge, an unstable currency and unsupportable foreign debt, we’re not getting rid of our banana republic ways, we’re only getting used to them — even as our republic gets a new top banana.
BANANA REPUBLIC is a collection of the weekly, quarter-page cartoons of the same name that ran on the Star Tribune’s opinion page for years. Come on down for a fun, provocative and irreverent presentation.

For more about the book, visit Molotov Comix Press at

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