Kirk Anderson Talks/Cartoon Presentations/Signings in the Twin Cities!

Got this posted too late for the first event, but there are two more coming up. From the Twin Citites own Kirk Anderson:

Dear friends,

I’ve published a book of all the Banana Republic cartoons that ran in the Star Tribune, and I have a few book events coming up, at Mayday Books, Amazon Books, The Resource Center of the Americas, and hopefully others soon.

If you enjoy tasteful humor about political dissidents getting their eye sockets melon-balled by a well-meaning generalissimo and his mischievous, fun-loving death squads, come on down, and bring all your friends and neighbors. What’s that you ask? “But Kirk, how can I help to bring in hordes of rabble to your high-minded forum?” Why, you can download a flyer at and slap it up at work or at your favorite coffee shop. Thanks for askin’!

Here are the upcoming book talks/cartoon presentations/artist signings:

Saturday, Dec. 6, 4:00 pm
Mayday Books
301 Cedar Ave. South, on the West Bank in Minneapolis
below the Hub Bicycle Co-op

Thursday, Dec. 18, 7:00 pm
True Colors Books, formerly Amazon Books
4755 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis

Coming January 17
Resource Center of the Americas

What’s that you ask? “How can I be sure I’ll have a fun time?” Why, if you bring five friends, you’ll be virtually assured of merriment! “No, really — what’s this book like? Will the evening rank up there with the birth of my first child?” You can check out the book, view sample pages and more online at and make your own call.

Thank you all for enduring this shameless act of self-promotion. Through your help and friendship, I will find the inner strength to admit that I am powerless over this shallow hucksterism, and stop before I become a full-blown self-loathing marketing pariah. But first, just a few more months hawking the book…

– Kirk

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