CCSF: Comic Jam in San Francisco Oct 30, 2008

Our next Comic Jam is this Thursday October 30, 2008
where: Church St. Caf̩ Р260 Church Street San Francisco, California 94114
when: Thursday OCTOBER 30, 2008. 6:30 pm to usually sometimes between 9 and 10 pm.

For this JAM will be finishing up some older work as well as attempting to do an interactive/choose your own adventure comic , so come with your imagination and favorite drawing tools.

There is also a good chance that we will have examples of the books being sold at APE as well.

Some of you out-of-towners will be in town for APE, so drop on by and say ‘Hi’ to your Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco pals.

The jam is FREE but it’s nice if everyone could purchase something from the café we meet at so we don’t wear out our welcome.

About Brian Kolm

Brian Kolm is a Artist and Instructor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work can be seen at

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