Well! Response so far has been nothing short of… pathetic! Help! Please! Your Conspiracy needs you!

Thanks much to stand-up guys Dan Olson, Ryan Dow, Matt Kriske, Bud Burgy, Zander Cannon and Scott Gallatin for letting me know they can help out… I assume there are a lot more of you out there who plan to help and haven’t let me know. Please do, as I need to make sure we are covered for the whole convention, ideally with at least 3 people at all times. Volunteer for as little as an hour or as much as two days! Here is the info again…

The Conspiracy is organizing a lounge again for FallCon this year, and we need volunteers to help run it. Note that if you are not a guest at FallCon, you can still volunteer, and if you are a guest at FallCon and have your own table, you can still volunteer (we’ll have signs you can leave at your table during your time spent in the lounge). You can volunteer for as little as a couple hours or as much as the whole weekend.

To volunteer, drop me a line at:

When you email me, please also let me know what hours you want to volunteer for. We are looking for volunteers the evening of Friday October 3rd (for set up), 9AM-5PM Saturday October 4th, and 10AM-6PM October 5th.

You can also email me with any further questions, or, better yet, ask them in the comments so others can benefit from them.

As with last year the focus will be on hanging out, meeting folks, drawing jam comics, shooting the poop, talking Conspiracy, and reading funny books. We will also be hosting a mini-comics station where people will be able to create and print their own mini-comics live for free… the MNCBA will be providing a copier, and I’m hoping to have a sponsor for supplies as well.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: In addition to volunteers for time, we also need some folks who are willing to loan us and haul some furnishings for the lounge… couches needed in particular! Other items: comfy chairs, rugs, bars, tables, coffee tables, drawing tables, loungy decorations, etc.



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