St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam – August 2008

Congratulations to the St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy Cell for once again creating an entertaining jam comic! Also, thanks to myself for posting it in a timely manner — our brethren across the river have yet to post a new jam comic in a little over a year, I think.

Like Russia and NATO, our uneasy truce with the LARPers* nearly dissolved when one of their members continued to do horrible impersonations of Andrew Dice Clay** — or was it The Fonz***? At any rate, Jon Sloan**** was about to show them, as he termed, “a Live Action Sa-Bom Jim Ass Whoopin”. However, seeing as how he would be the only one of us pansy artists to actually do something about it, he thought otherwise and opted out.

In somewhat unrelated news, the St. Paul cell members are still waiting to hear back from the Cream City cell***** on whether or not they are going to post their jams — or better yet whether or not they actually exist.

I’ve posted our latest jam comic below. This month’s title was “Fact or Fiction at The Minnesota State Fair: AAAAAAAAAYY!” The “AAAAAAAAAYY!” is a contribution from our Andrew Dice Clay lovin’ cross-coffee shop rivals. You can click on the image below, which will link you to the PDF directly.

Want to start up your own cell? It’s easy! Just follow this link: Start a Conspiracy in Your Community. Are you one of the many rival cells that we trash? Maybe you should do something about it and post something here.

* LARPers – Live Action Role Players – a group of individuals that attempt the craft of socializing by enacting various scenes and, sometimes, dressing up as characters found within a role playing game; in this instance it refers to people who think they are vampires who and horrible at doing impersonations of obscure Jewish actors.
** Andrew Dice Clay – a comedian made famous in the 1980s and early 1990s by a standup routine that consisted of insult humor directed at women, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. “The Diceman” is not somebody I would be really interested in impersonating, but then again I am not obsessed with vampires either.
*** The Fonz – one of the more important characters of the popular sitcom Happy Days, which ran from 1974 to 1984. The Fonz, played by Henry Winkler, was a leather jacket wearing, Italian-American mechanic, who later, was part owner of Arnold’s restaurant, and made residence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the 1950s.
**** Jon Sloan is an independent comic creator based in the Twin Cities. Jon creates the comic Sa-Bom Jim, instructs martial arts, and is a real bad ass that shouldn’t be messed with. TAKE NOTICE LARPERS!
***** Cream City Cell – also known as the Milwaukee Cell – AGAIN, who belongs to this cell? Does it even exist, or is it a myth? McCarthy and Amado need to do something about this!

11 thoughts on “St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam – August 2008

  1. Boy, that saint paul cell seems to be going great!
    You guys really have you sh*& together. I can’t believe how efficient you are at getting the comics posted. Makes me wonder, what do they do with the jams in mpls? Are they saving them for something? Embarrassed by them?

    PS: what exactly is that thing supposed to be in the needle?


  2. Yeah, you guys talk real tough AFTER someone moves to another city. Besides, everyone knows the St. Paul cell jumped the shark when I spun off to make McCarthy Loves Chachi.

    If anyone wants to back up their empty threats or defend your sub-par “jam,” I’ll be at the bar playing Dungeons & Coffins with all who dare to impugn the name and catchphrases of Milwaukee’s finest son, Arthur H. Fonzarelli. Sit on it.

  3. Thanks for the mention…that little cretin was getting on my LAST nerve! Unfortunately, any type of interaction to tell him to shut up would have only encouraged his annoyance due to the fact that someone was actually paying attention to his dumb-ass antics.

    Just a reminder folks…keep your LARPers on a short leash…and out of the way of irate conspirators!

  4. That stings Kevin, it really stings. Sub-par jam? I guess something is better than nothing! OUCH! BURNED!

    By the way, nice references to “jumping the shark,” I was hoping somebody would use that phrase. Also, “sit on it,” nice touch.

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