Steinlicht’s Elephants

Conspirator David Steinlicht has regular gig at the Pioneer Press, so he couldn’t submit to the recent City Pages Comix Issue. If he could have, his submission may have looked something like the strip you can find by clicking on the below elephant.

David has a new comic every Thursday in the Pioneer Press, which appears about a week later on his Corner Comic website here.

Note that reader letters about the City Pages Comix Issue can now be seen here.

Note also that Steinlicht, renaissance man that he is, is currently obsessively-compulsively busy on his latest crop art masterpiece, and is blogging about it. David also maintains the Crop Art website, where you can see his previous works in the medium, as well as works by other crop artisans.

One thought on “Steinlicht’s Elephants

  1. Busted.

    Yup, this comic is my submission to the City Pages comics issue. Late and never submitted, true. But on theme.

    As for the obsessive-compulsiveness of crop art … . At least I’m not playing Grand Theft Auto late into the evening. (At least not until I get done with this stupid crop art.)

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