St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy Jams – June and July 2008

For those who are “Not in the Know” every third Thursday of the month, a group of cartoonists descend upon Cosmic’s Coffee Shoppe in St. Paul, Minnesota to concoct a jam comic*. The staff at Cosmic’s have been gracious hosts despite the “uneasy tension” between the cartoonists, gamers**, and LARPers***. This last Thursday we said farewell to Kevin McCarthy; one of the three “founders” of the St. Paul cell. He is moving to Milwaukee where he will motivate, perhaps through violence, the Cream City Cell**** to post their jams.

I’ve posted our last two jam comics below for all to enjoy!

Please Note:
* jam comic – a collaborative effort to create a comic in a defined, usually short, amount of time, with few formal regulations.
** gamers in this instance refers to those generally playing World of Warcraft while we sit at the coffee shop and draw.
*** LARPers – Live Action Role Players – a group of individuals that attempt the craft of socializing by enacting various scenes and, sometimes, dressing up as characters found within a role playing game; in this instance it refers to people who think they are vampires.
**** Cream City Cell – also known as the Milwaukee Cell – who belongs to this cell? Does it even exist, or is it a myth? I’ve never seen anything posted on this site other than a cute little community link in the right sidebar. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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