A New Artoon album of Oleg Dergachov

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Artoon album of

Oleg Dergachov:


Oleg Dergachov is the most internationally recognized Canadian cartoonist, who has won over 130 international prizes and awards in 25 countries. His drawings were published in numerous magazines, such as Nebelspalter, Harward Business Review and others in more, than 30 countries. Oleg’s cartoons represent in a lot of important public art collections and museums over the World, such as Victoria and Albert Museum, British Library in London, cartoon  collection of Ohio University, AG Contemporary Art in New York, Western Ontario University, State Russian Library and Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Mediotheek of George Pompidou Center in Paris, Moenchehaus Museum of Modern Art, Cartoon Museums in Switzerland, Turkey and Poland, Westmount Library, Wolfenbuttel Bibliotheek, State Art Museum in Padova and many many  others.

This  Albuml will be printed and delivered to your address by the end of June’17.

If you wish to support this great project, just make an order, which have to be prepaid by check, PayPal or cash.” Early birds registration” before the end of May will give you

10% discount.

Album, signed by Author will consist of

228 full color pages with over 240 drawings, book size- 11X 8 inches, soft cover,

Price for 1 copy-USD 70,-

2 copies- USD 120,-

3 copies USD 160,-

 + delivery costs to USA and Canada $15,-

To Europe and Asia- $20,-

You can pay by check-

344A Av. Victoria, Westmount, H3Z 2M8, QC, Canada

PayPal – dergachov7@hotmail.com

Or by cash in the gallery.

 To arrange an appointment,

call us 514-6591616 or 514-5731616

Looking forward to hear from you!

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