Dannovision Tonight (May 23rd)

If you turn on a teevee device tonight, you may see Danno! Here is what he says about it:

A week ago an old roommate of mine filmed me at AE jabber-jawing about local comics, the Conspiracy, Lutefisk Sushi, and Altered Esthetics itself.

That interview is part of a new CHEAPO sponsored show on the CW23 Friday nights that focuses local music and art and stuff.

Well I just found out thru the miracle of technology, an interview a week ago is a aired segment TONIGHT (Friday).

So if you wanna see me blabber on and on about the same 4 topics over and over, the show airs at 10pm and Midnight on channel 23(the CW–or whatever channel that is on cable/satellite/neuro-transmitters).

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