Denise Fick Cartoon Screening June 9th

Here is a message from Denise Fick about a cartoon screening she has coming up:

I attended a couple Cartoon Jams around 5 years ago (at Diamonds and the coffee shop on Snelling) when I lived in St. Paul. I live in SW MN now and sadly can’t make the jams anymore. I wanted to give CCTC a heads-up that I’m screening my latest cartoon at the St. Anthony Library at 7pm June 9th. I’d be very happy if you could tell others at the Open Book event Saturday (or any other time for that matter) about it. I made the cartoon with the support of a state art grant. Members might be interested. Here’s a link to my facebook page:­town There’s a trailer that gives a pretty good idea of what the 30 minute cartoon is like. Thanks, Denise

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