The Conspiracy website has been rearranged.

First of all, a blog has been added:

This is where news and events will be posted from now on… you can access it by clicking on the news and events button in the nav.

It is a group blog, so I will not be the only one posting to it to keep you all informed of the latest Conspiracy happenings. This is intended to provide conspirators with a source for regular (generally it will be daily) updates on the latest news and events of the conspiracy, as well as colorful commentary. It should supplement the newsletter nicely.

I outright killed the calendar in favor of the current events that are listed on the right-hand side of the blog. It may be back some day, but probably not (I don’t think anyone used it anyhow).

The news section in the message board is still there, but it’s importance has been deemphasized, since the blog should largely replace it’s purpose. It is no longer linked directly from the nav.

The nav now emphasizes areas where content changes frequently.

If you feel like you should be included in the group blog for some reason, let me know why and you’ll most likely get an account on it.

Hope you all like the changes… let me know what you think.

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