Lutefisk Sushi Volume C Deadline, Sideshows

Mark your calendars! Our recurring big box of Minnesota mini-comics project, Lutefisk Sushi Volume C, will be happening this May 2nd (and during Art-A-Whirl!) at Altered Esthetics. As with the two previous Sushi events, the show features a huge, limited-edition box set of tons of Minnesota mini-comics, as well as original art by the artists participating in the set. Click on the image above to visit the event website for more information on the event and on participating.

The deadline has been extended to March 31st (previously March 15th) for mini-comics submissions to the box. The deadline for original art and other stuff to sell at the gallery (Altered Esthetics) has been set at April 12th. We are planning on having a pot-luck for artists to meet and socialize April 12th as well. More info about that will be forthcoming. You can drop off stuff at Big Time Attic during regular business hours, or up until 7:30PM on March 21st.

We’ve got some fantastic submissions coming in… we’re going to have a whole lot of participants. WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE IN THE BOX, so if you want to insure you get your work in there, handing it in sooner rather than later would be a very good idea.

If you’re participating, please remember to hand in the two forms with your submission, so we don’t have to hassle you for them.

There are two sideshow events that we’d love to have you participate in as well:

The Amazing Zoetrope: Conspirator Ken Avidor has built an incredible hand-cranked zoetrope for our use during the event. We’d love to have more folks make animated strips for this. Here are the specs:

Strips are 37 inches long (with one inch extra to go behind the other end), so 38 inches total. There should be 12 evenly spaced drawings in the 37 inches (3.08 inches per panel). They should be 5.5 inches to 6 inches high. Note that this is a hands-on thing, so if you care about your originals getting pawed and potentially mangled, you’ll want to submit a copy of them.

The Potty Humor Exhibit: We want to hang your utterly inappropriate and anti-social original art in the bathroom. Frame it or matte it, and get it to us by April 12th.

Other sideshows will include The Art of Kevin Cannon (who will premiering a special limited edition of his fantastic graphic novel Far Arden) and The Art Vending Machine. We are wide open to suggestions for other sideshows as well… particularly if you have good ideas for events you would like to take on organizing during Art-A-Whirl. Suggest ideas in the comments, or email me. Note that we are much more likely to pursue sideshows that individuals are willing to personally take on organizing.

PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO HELP PROMOTE THIS EVENT. Let’s make this the best attended Sushi show yet (the last two were both packed houses).

  • Grab one of the banners at the bottom of this post and put it on your websites, blogs, social networking sites, and message boards you frequent with a link to the Sushi site.
  • Write about the upcoming show and your preparations for it on your websites, blogs, social networking sites, and message boards you frequent with a link to the Sushi site.
  • We’ve got a ton of beautiful postcards at Big Time Attic and Altered Esthetics that we could use your help distributing… please pick some up when you drop off your submission to hand out to friends and put in your favorite coffee shops, bars, bookstores, etc.
  • Know reporters? Hit them up for a story. Let us know if you need contact information, we will have a press release available very soon.
  • Most importantly: TELL YOUR FRIENDS in person or via phone or email and tell them to spread the word.



Further questions about this event are hopefully answered in this document.

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