24 Hour Comics Day is this Weekend (October 20-21)! Minneapolis Event Information

Above: 24 Hour Comics Day Minneapolis 2012 Poster by Carlos Merino… click on it for a larger version… click here for a version you can download, print and distribute.

24 hours. Draw 24 pages of comics— or have fun in the attempt.

This is a FREE event- No need to sign up. Please note that table space is first come, first served, though. (Please help us spread the word out there, thanks!)

Here is Carlos’ summary of the event:

Nutshell: Take no more than 24 hours to draw 24 pages of comics.

It’s a dare and a creative exercise. It won’t be your best comic, but it will be among your longest comics.

You are not supposed to think of an idea beforehand.

Some bring a randomizer tool to ensure the idea will be thought up that day. (For example: Pick seven random words from a dictionary — put them all in your comic’s plot.)

You can prepare your materials beforehand. You can line boxes onto your paper and such.

Wet Paint of St. Paul will have a store there for the first few hours, so you can fill in materials you forgot to bring.

Consider working smaller than you usually do. 24 pages is a lot of ground to cover in 24 hours.

Minneapolis version is at MCBA and starts at 10 a.m. Saturday morning. Come a little early to get there before the starting bell.

Spending 24 hours in one place can be difficult. Bring snacks, beverages, personal entertainment/distraction devices, a cushion for sitting, a toothbrush.

Bring snacks for others, if you wish. There’ll be a table or two to hold community snack items.

MCBA has a wifi network. It’s better than nothing, but there are ever-more computers showing up at the event, and that seems to slow down the wifi.

There are not many outlets. If you are bringing lots of electronic companions, consider bringing a power strip.

Many people finish by the 17-hour mark (2 or 3 in the morning) and go home. That’s okay. Many people quit before finishing. That’s okay, too.

We’re all in the room together, but except for pizza time, it’s not really a chit-chatty, loud-music social event. Words of encouragement, however are always welcome.

Thanks much to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for providing us with the best imaginable space for this event to take place in!

Thanks much to the Midwest Comic Book Association for providing us with free late night pizza!

Thanks much to Wet Paint Art for providing some free supplies for folks to use (note: you will still want to bring your own supplies)!

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Minnesota Center for Book Arts
1011 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Contact: Cartoonist Conspiracy
Email: 24hourcomicday@gmail.com
Web: http://24-hourcomic.blogspot.com/
Event Date & Start Time: Our event starts October 20th, 2012 at 10 AM

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