Minneapolis Jam: May 2012

Summary: Digital cartoonist Gordon McAlpin gave us a great tour of the mystery that is Adobe Illustrator, showing off some tricks that even the Illustrator veterans in the audience had never seen before. If you want to see Gordon’s comics in action, check out his excellent webcomic Multiplex, or better yet purchase the book!

Coming up next!:
JUNE 7: Jon Sloan, “A Brief History of Comics” – An historical look at the medium we all love so well.
UPDATE: Currently all future slots are closed as the Nordeast Comics Summit goes into indefinite hibernation.

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Get your trowels out, kiddies, because it’s time for:

MANUFACTURE DESIRE: The Best Plants for the Gardener

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — an evergreen 2 mb!

Please enjoy.

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