Zak Sally and Dale Flattum Talk With Andy Sturdevant at Magers & Quinn March 16th, Then at Big Table in St. Paul March 17th

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Zak Sally and Dale Flattum discuss their new graphic art collections with artist Andy Sturdevant
The conversation will be animated when Zak Sally and Dale Flattum discuss their new graphic novel collections with artist Andy Sturdevant.


Sammy the Mouse: Volume 1 is a collection of the first three issues of Eisner Award Nominee Zak Sally’s comic Sammy the Mouse (previously serialized as part the international Ignatz line of comics published simultaneously by Fantagraphics Books in the United States and Coconino Press in Italy). For this collection, Sally printed each copy on his own AB Dick 9810 offset press and is releasing it under his La Mano publishing house. Sally is personally responsible for every step in the bookmaking process; from conception to execution to reproduction to delivery, making each hand-signed copy the product of one artist’s unique vision.

“A grimy, metaphysical malaise drips from every line of Sally’s lush yet unwholesome artwork, especially when he’s plundering the iconography of innocence and youth in the service of disorienting discomfort.”–The Onion AV Club

Meticulously drawn and printed using a sophisticated two-color process, Sammy the Mouse: Volume 1 is an extremely funny, weird and intense introduction to what will be a truly unique series.

Zak Sally’s work has appeared all over the place. He owns and operates La Mano, an award-winning “micro-publishing” house who has published work by John Porcellino, William Schaff, Nate Denver, Jason Miles, and Kim Deitch. He spent 12 years in the band Low, and was in that Shopgirl movie.


Showcasing 25 years of graphic art from Dale Flattum, Tooth is a 250-page volume that mixes posters, illustrations & pointless propaganda into a semi autobiographical history, as told through a Xerox machine. (It also includes a CD of music pulled from the author’s shady musical past.)

“Tooth’s exquisite work looks so effortless. He can do in a moment what I have to STRUGGLE to do. I’m jealous!”–Art Chantry

When not watching Law & Order re-runs, Dale Flattum spends his time creating posters, art forgeries, and other screen printed propaganda under the alias: TOOTH. Before all of this, he pursued a career in music, touring the world for over nine years with the noisy San Francisco rock bands Steel Pole Bath Tub and Milk Cult.


Andy Sturdevant is an artist, writer and arts administrator living in South Minneapolis. He writes a weekly column on art and visual culture in the Twin Cities for MinnPost called “The Stroll.” He’s also the host of the monthly live arts and culture revue Salon Saloon at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

Magers & Quinn
3038 Hennepin Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

More info about the Big Table event March 17th here.

March 17, 7:00 pm–10:00 pm

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Big Table Studio
375 Wabasha Street North
St Paul, MN 55102

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  1. According to Magers & Quinn’s web site, they still have the one store location at 3038 Hennepin, not 4157 Grand Avenue. What’s up?

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