Minneapolis Jam: October 2011

Summary: Adrean Clark gave a lively presentation on the subject of human facial cues & gestures that, if used wisely, can make or break a comic. Best tip: Stay away from the “Uncanny Valley” — that zone inhabited by realistically rendered humans who are just slightly off enough to be creepy — unless, of course, you’re drawing a villain or a zombie.

Coming up next!:
NOV. 3: Maxeem Konrardy, “Theft & Borrowing in Comics” – and the idea of how do you write something new in a world where everything’s already been written.
NOV. 5 & 6: The Nordeast Comics Summit at MIX! Spend some time with watercolor guru Sarah Glidden and digital maestro Gordon McAlpin as they demonstrate their unique artistic processes. Both events are at 1pm, see MIX program page for full details.
DEC. 1: Steven Stwalley & Kevin Cannon, “First Annual Holiday Comix Game Show!” – Jeopardy-style quiz show with comics-themed trivia. THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

If there’s a topic you’d like to see or even lead yourself, contact me at nordeastcomics [at] gmail.com. The next available date is January 5, 2012.

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Two big names in American culture recently dropped out of the limelight — one, an American who built one of the most successful brands in world with products that enrich millions of peoples’ lives, and the other, an American who shoots animals from a helicopter. We focus on the latter:

Sarah Palin’s Retirement and People Helping People

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