Minneapolis Jam: September 2011

Summary: Danno Klonowski gave the audience some good practical tips on how to collaborate successfully in the comics world as either an artist and/or writer. Best tip: if someone wants you to draw their comic and promises lots of money on the back end, run far, far away. As always, we videotaped the Summit, and those videos will be posted online eventually. Thanks to Danno for bringing this month’s refreshing cold beverages. That is not a requirement of Summit hosts, but if it becomes a trend I won’t be upset.

Coming up next!:
OCT. 6: Adrean Clark, “The Secret Language of People” – a look at body language & more in comics.
NOV. 3: Maxeem Konrardy, “Theft & Borrowing in Comics” – and the idea of how do you write something new in a world where everything’s already been written.
DEC. 1: Steven Stwalley & Kevin Cannon, “First Annual Holiday Comix Game Show!” – Jeopardy-style quiz show with comics-themed trivia. THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

If there’s a topic you’d like to see or even lead yourself, contact me at nordeastcomics [at] gmail.com. The next available date is January 5, 2012.

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As someone who recently visited the Minnesota State Fair for the first time in decades, I can honestly say that the following document is firmly rooted in reality:

State Fair and the Horror Double Feature!

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a deep-fried 10.3 mb!

Please enjoy.

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