Comic-Con! Comic-Con! Who’s going to Comic-Con!

Well the San Diego Comic-Con promises to be the biggest ever with Saturday and 4-day passes all ready SOLD-OUT! What Cartoon Conspirators will be heading to San Diego this week to join in the craziness?

If you are going to the Convention, why not comment and let us know. Make sure to put your booth number down so others know where to find you.

See you guys down there.

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Brian Kolm is a Artist and Instructor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work can be seen at

5 thoughts on “Comic-Con! Comic-Con! Who’s going to Comic-Con!

  1. I will be at the Cartoon Art Museum booth E11.

    I will be working and Drawing all weekend and I am thrilled since we have some big name artist who are going to be coming to donate there skills to raise money for the Museum. Some of the folks are Keith Knight, Tom Beland, Derek Kirk Kim, Shannon O’Leary, Debbie Huey, Alison Bechdel, Jesse Hamm, Rick Geary & Eric Powell.

    I am really not worthy.

  2. Awesome, I hope I can meet up with them.

    I know that Meredeth and Tanya from our cel will be there too, but I don’t have any table info yet.

  3. Space Sheriff in the house!!

    I’ll be in the Small Press Area, Booth number N3. Check me out, I got t-shirts made!


  4. Space Sheriff is in the house!

    Check me out, I’ll be in the Small Press Area, Booth #N3. Check me out, I made t-shirts!


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