Comics Disappearing in the City Pages?

I recently got the below email from Andy Singer…

Howdy strangers,

As you all may have noticed, City Pages got rid of its comics page two
weeks ago. The current issue has just ONE cartoon– “troubletown”– in
the entire issue (a very thick issue, I might add). One of the cartoons
they axed (temporarily?) is Kirk Anderson’s cartoon “Lance Boyle”. Since
City Pages is one of the last local cartoon markets (and Kirk is great)
I feel we should speak up. I wrote the letter to the editor below (and
got a response from the paper, saying they hope to reinstate some of the
cartoons on a more regular basis in the future). If you feel like
commenting, send your comments to–
letters at (use the @ symbol for the “at”)

Andy Singer

Subject: Lance Boyle, Maakies, comics???

Dear Editor,

Where are the comics? “Troubletown” seems to be the only one left! I
like this cartoon …but I also really liked Lance Boyle and the other
comics and I don’t see them in the paper. What happened? The Twin Cities
need more newspaper comics– particularly locally drawn ones. Instead,
there are fewer and fewer. Your rival “The Pulse” has stopped running
them entirely …and the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press each have just
one local cartoonist (…and the one in the Pioneer Press, David
Steinlicht, only appears once a week, if that).

I hope the absence of cartoons in City Pages is just temporary and that
you bring back some of the ones you’ve cut.

Andrew Singer

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