More on the City Pages Comics

I have some additional info about the City Pages opportunity mentioned yesterday:

  • Nick Vlcek, the fella who is going to do the layout at City Pages has some size specs for us. The ideal format is a half page. Here are the 1/2 page sizes:
  • 1/2 horizontal is 9.75” by 6.1” tall

    1/2 vertical is 4.87 by 12” tall

    They’re going to have to make them both smaller by about 1/4” (off the top) to title them consisently.

    I would guess they would be fine with quarter pages too, so I’ll ask.

    I’m also asking about scan sizes… I assume 300 DPI greyscale or 800 DPI black and white scans should do the trick, but I’m going to confirm.

  • Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic has kindly offered to scan any artwork you get to him before July 3rd. Just drop it off or slide it under the door in an envelope at Big Time Attic. Big Time Attic is located in the same building as Diamond’s Coffee shop where we have our monthly meetings the first Thursday of every month… it’s at 1618 Central Ave NE in Minneapolis… they are in suite 216.
  • City Pages will be running all of the comics submitted on their website, regardless of whether they have the room to run them in the print version. So anyone who does this will get paid something, presumably. Participants will have to discuss what makes sense for splitting up whatever funds are earned from this.
  • We’ve already had 12 people commit to doing a comic for this, and a couple more who are hoping to find the time. The more the merrier! The cartoonists definitely doing one at this point are:
  • It should be a hell of a feature, I imagine.

  • Again, please let me know asap if you plan on definitely participating in this.

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